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5 stress relieving items you can get to prepare for labor

Labor contractions are painful. How painful are labor contractions? Labor contractions feel like menstrual cramps but they come in much more intense waves. Many women choose to get an epidural to help reduce pain. Epidurals are a safe procedure that the CDC reports are used by 61% of women who have vaginal births. Whether you choose to have a natural birth with no pain medication or elect to have an epidural, here are 5 handy items you can bring to the hospital and reduce labor pains.

The Labor Grip

Labor Grip Front View

The LaborGrip is a stress relief tool designed for squeezing during labor contractions. This stress-relieving device gives women a safe and comfortable item to clutch during contractions. While many women like to hold their husband’s hands during labor, the second hand on the other side of the bed can squeeze a LaborGrip. The LaborGrip has built-in springs that absorb pressure from a tight grasp that can be released after a contraction. 

Your favorite pair of comfortable stretchy pants

Don’t forget to pack for the hospital knowing that you may be in labor for many hours. If your lucky, your beautiful little baby will be born within just a few hours. The average labor time for expecting mothers is 8 hours. At this point in your pregnancy you have surely found comfortable maternity clothing. Pick your most comfortable maternity pants and put them on when you start to feel contractions at home. Many women like to wait da until they are several centimeters dialated before they leave for the hospital.

Contraction Timer App

Photo from Contraction Timer App iOS (source)

A contraction timer app can be installed on your smartphone to help you keep track of the progression for your contractions. A contraction app can help you determine when its time to go to the hospital. If you are planning to have a home birth, a contraction app can tell you exactly what stage of birth you are in. When you are having contractions, a contraction timer app will measure the duration and frequency of your contractions. This app is only as good as the information that you enter in. Because contractions can be painful we highly suggest having your husband or a trusted friend enter this information for you.

Hospital Gripper Socks

Hospital gripper socks are a great item to bring with you to the hospital before labor. These socks have non-skid grip bottoms that actually make walking around the hospital safer. Hospital socks come in all different colors and sizes. These socks reduce risk of falling when are getting up out of your bed to go to the bathroom for example. Search Etsy for some mom inspired Labor Socks that will give you and your healthcare physicians a good laugh.

Baby clothes

Come to the hospital prepared with your baby’s first outfit. Layout the outfit on an open table and look over at it when you need some motivation to push. If the gender of your baby is a surprise than layout two outfits and let your family make their final guesses. Having your baby’s first clothes ready for action should put your mind at ease.

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