healthy ways to induce labor

5 ways healthy ways to help induce labor

Preparing your body for a healthy delivery is ultimately about living a healthy lifestyle throughout your entire pregnancy. Keeping up with regular exercise and a healthy eating will work wonders throughout every trimester. But once you are counting down the days until your delivery date, there are a few proven methods to help induce labor.

Can nipple stimulation help induce labor?

Yes. Nipple stimulation can help induce labor as you get closer to your delivery date. Nipple stimulation can help to soften the cervix and therefore prepare your body for labor contractions. Stimulating your nipples is a way if imitating breastfeeding which can actually trigger the brain to release a chemical called Oxytocin.

You can ask for help from your partner or massage your nipples yourself. If you are messaging your nipples yourself you can use your fingers or a silicon pump. You want to mimic the mouth of a baby and imagine you are in the process of breastfeeding. Massage the areola area of your breast in a circular motion. There is no need to massage your nipples for too long. The idea is really to trick your mind into thinking and feeling that you are breastfeeding. So it’s more about triggering a chemical reaction in your body than actual massaging a muscle.

Can sex help induce labor?

Yes. Sex is perhaps one of the most effective ways to naturally induce labor. Sex all the way up to your delivery date is generally safe unless your doctor has flagged you for a high risk of preterm labor. You are your husband obviously do not need to worry about wearing a condom and human sperm can actually help soften the cervix. Doctors recommend having sex to induce labor because sperm actually has a hormone called Prostaglandins which help to induce labor by softening and diluting the cervix. In fact, orgasms can also help soften the cervix and prepare your body for a natural labor.

Having sex during your third trimester may seem like an impossible task. Find a comfortable position may seem difficult and you do not want to put too much pressure on your stomach where the baby is. The value of sex to induce labor is scientifically proven and a recent study here shows that’s sex has helped women from going into the 41st week of pregnancy. Therefore consider a sex position such as a big spoon / little spoon, where you can comfortably rest on your side. The goal is for both you are your partner to have an orgasm so that the hormones can be released to help induce your labor.

Can exercise help induce labor?

Me exercising during pregnancy

Yes. Exercise has helped induce labor for all of my pregnancies. During my last pregnancy, I was 6 days late and coming up quickly on an induction date. I was trying everything I could to induce our baby. The exercise was difficult, especially in the cold of winter. But I went on walks that helped keep my blood pumping and body working. Squats and lunges can help the baby drop down into the pelvis.

During my first pregnancy, I took a long two-mile walk outside which brought on my labor contractions. During my second pregnancy, my water broke after watching an episode of my favorite TV show. Either way, exercise, and fresh air is good for your body during your pregnancy. During my second and third pregnancies, I developed varicose veins that prevented me from wanting to exercise during my last trimester when so much extra weight was on my legs. Luckily, I was able to have the issue resolved by a doctor after my baby was born.

Can red raspberry leaf tea induce labor?

Most likely, no. Red raspberry leaf has many positive benefits to pregnant women including toning your uterus. Sending your husband out to get some red raspberry leaf tea is still a good idea when are trying to bring on your labor contractions. Because of the teas cervix toning capabilities, it will help bring on labor contraction when combined with other methods such as nipple stimulation and sex. Obviously you want to be drinking organic tea and avoid any tea that is caffeinated during your pregnancy.

Can stripping your membrane help induce labor?

Yes, 100%. When I was a couple of days late for my pregnancy date, I went into my OB/GYN for an examination. As you can imagine I was stressed out because I was hoping to have delivered my baby already. my OB/GYN nurse was very calm and told me it was normal to be a few days late. While she was checking to see if my cervix was dilated she quickly stripped my membrane. It happened so fast and it was completely painless.  I didn’t even know she had done it until she explained it to me. About two days later I was having labor contractions at home. My husband and I were having sex regularly and stimulating my nipples.  I definitely think that stripping the membrane helped a lot to speed up my labor contractions.


These are the most effective ways that I have found to induce labor over my past three pregnancies. I have tried getting prenatal massages which have helped, but I don’t believe they are as effective as sex and nipple stimulation. I would highly suggest having your membrane stripped by a professional doctor or nurse from your OB/GYN. You won’t need to do that unless you are going in for a doctor visit to plan an induction date. When we visited our OB/GYN to plan an induction date we had roughly 7 days to try as many things as we could to induce labor. Luckily, I started to have labor contractions two days before my induction date. Once you are on your 40th or 41st week of pregnancy… you’re going to want to try to induce labor with the ways we have mentioned in this blog post. Good luck and God bless!

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