Our Story

Lauren Richards had the idea to create the LaborGrip after the birth of her third child Madelyn Rose Richards. Labor with Lauren’s third child was more painful than her previous children. During a particularly painful contraction, Lauren almost broke her husband’s hand as she pushed their third child into the world. Something has to be done. 


After delivering all three of her children at the Chester County Hospital in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Lauren inquired about products available for labor pains during contractions. After finding nothing available, Lauren worked with her husband to design a product that could help expecting mothers during labor. After months of product testing, and numerous designs, the couple finally came up with the LaborGrip that is popular today.


Lauren Elizabeth Richards is originally from Saint Louis Missouri where she has donated enough LaborGrips for every baby delivery bed in her hometown hospital. The couple has also donated enough LaborGrips for every delivery bed at the Chester County Hospital where their children William, Annabel, and Madelyn were born.

Our Company

LaborGrip is a product created by L&P Products an LLC from West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA. L&P Products is a women owned business. Lauren Richards is the majority owner of L&P Products.


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Congratulations! You are going to bring another human being into this world. Are you ready for one of the most important days of your life?


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Your a mother. Or you will be soon… Some things in life come natural. We want to help you on your delivery day.


Being Prepared

We want to help mothers feel better prepared for Labor. This is why we created the LaborGrip.


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Get in touch with us atleast 2 weeks before your pregnancy date. Amazon delivers quickly, but you should always be prepared.


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