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Top Baby Shower Gifts

Top 6 Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are an exciting way to celebrate mothers who are expecting a new little bundle of joy, and they are fun for everyone. Not only are baby showers a chance to bring everyone together and celebrate the way that the expecting mother’s life is about to change in the best possible way, but they

Does your dog know you are pregnant

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

Dogs are known for their keen insight into the human body. For ages now, dogs have been trained to detect and understand a wide range of human conditions. These incredible animals have been known to sniff out illness, can recognize when humans are about to have a seizure, and are known for their ability to

Can Stress Cause Contractions

Can Stress Cause Contractions?

Most of us have seen enough movies with pregnant women to know the trope of a woman spontaneously going into labor during a stressful moment. We have seen this happen so many times that most of us assume that stress can absolutely trigger contractions and a spontaneous birth. In reality, the truth isn’t that simple.

healthy ways to induce labor

5 ways healthy ways to help induce labor

These are the most effective ways that I have found to induce labor over my past three pregnancies. I have tried getting prenatal massages which have helped, but I don't believe they are as effective as sex and nipple stimulation. I would highly suggest having your membrane stripped by a professional doctor or nurse from your OB/GYN. You won't need to do that unless you are going in for a doctor visit to plan an induction date. When we visited our OB/GYN to plan an induction date we had roughly 7 days to try as many things as we could to induce labor. Luckily, I started to have labor contractions two days before my induction date. Once you are on your 40th or 41st week of pregnancy... you're going to want to try to induce labor with the ways...