Hospital Bag Maternity Essentials

Hospital Bag Maternity Essentials

As you get closer to the arrival of your beautiful new baby, you will inevitably hit the point where it is time to pack your hospital bag. A hospital bag is the bag that you will grab on your way to the hospital to ensure that you have everything that you need on hand. Everyone packs their bag a little differently depending on their personal preferences, but there are a few essentials that you absolutely must include if you want to stay comfortable. 

Multiple Comfortable Outfits

The reality is that there is no set number of days that you will be in the hospital. Some women seem to breeze in and out while others take a little extra time to make sure that they are ready to go home safely. Taking comfortable clothes is a great way to make sure that you feel good during your stay and when you leave. Though you will spend some time in your hospital gowns, many women like to put on normal clothes as soon as they can. 

Insurance Card Copies

When your baby announces their arrival, it is common for women and couples to get frazzled. This has caused many different families to rush out the door only to find that the wallet with their insurance cards has been left at home. Adding copies to your bag will help you to ensure that everything gets handled so no one has to run back during crucial moments. 

Bathroom Essentials

After you have had a baby, you will want to clean up when you can. Making sure that you have your own shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste can go a long way in making you feel more like yourself. It takes the awkwardness out of bathing in a hospital and allows you to bring a little bit of home with you so that you can feel good about yourself. 


This is one bag essential that not every woman will use, but for those who like makeup, it is a must. Understandably, after childbirth you might find yourself looking a little worn out. Though this is absolutely something to be proud of, it is understandable if you want to doll yourself up a little bit before visitors start dropping by to take pictures. 

Your Favorite Snacks and Drinks

Hospital food is generally not the most appetizing kind of meal that you will have. Their snacks tend to be overpriced and lacking, and sometimes you just want what you want. Packing some of your favorites in the bag will help you to get something that you enjoy while you recover. 

A Contraction Relief Device

This is the one that most women forget to pack. A LaborGrip is a great device to have throughout your entire third semester because you can use it during Braxton Hicks contractions as well as real labor contractions. When you start having real labor contractions you are about to give birth. Labor contractions can last for days but you still don’t necessarily know when exactly you will go into labor.

If you are a first time mother, try using a contraction timer app which can help to determine when it’s time to go into the hospital. With my first child, I went in “too soon” and the doctor actually sent my husband and I back home. With my next child, I did a better job timing my contractions and waiting until I have 3-4 centimetres with dilation. Try using a contraction app along with the LaborGrip to help with your pain. It will be a great way for you to be prepared as your get ready for your labor and delivery.


From the moment that you first realize that your baby is arriving, there is a good chance that you will forget everything else. Packing some much-needed essentials in your hospital bag can help you to feel better, be more comfortable, and save on any stresses later. A little prep work here can help you to really take advantage of the moment and focus on your new little bundle of joy! 

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