Pregnant With COVID-19: What You Should Do If You Get Coronavirus While Pregnant

What it's like to have COVID-19 while pregnant

Pregnant With COVID-19: What You Should Do If You Get Coronavirus While Pregnant

With COVID-19 sweeping across the globe, the majority of us are a bit uneasy about our personal health and safety. For at-risk groups, the scare can be even larger, causing a lot of discomfort and general worry. Of the at-risk groups that are being exposed to coronavirus, pregnant women are showing a tremendous amount of unease. Yes, there have been cases of coronavirus in pregnant women. No, not all of them are proving to be increasingly detrimental to the health of the mother or baby. However, if you do suspect that you have COVID-19, there are some steps that you should absolutely take to lessen the risk.

Visit Your Doctor Immediately

Right now, we cannot afford to entertain the idea that anything is just cold. Pregnant mothers are at an increased risk of contracting the virus, as well as suffering worse symptoms from it. This means that if you suspect that you have COVID-19, you need to call your doctor immediately. 

Hospitals are taking extra steps to ensure that they are not putting more people at risk than they need to. Upon calling your doctor, they will likely administer a preemptive screening to help you determine how likely it is that you have coronavirus. If it seems likely, they will set up an appointment so that they can ensure your safety.

Most hospitals have COVID-19 screening procedures which will require you to take some preliminary tests before you enter the building. You may see a temporary testing tent set up at the entrance of your hospital. Do not be alarmed as this procedure is set up to ensure the safety of everyone inside of the hospital. Even if the tests show up positive for COVID-19, you will still be able to see a doctor and get treated.

Track All of Your Symptoms

In the event that you have Coronavirus, there is really no time to waste. Keeping a log of your symptoms can be incredibly important. It will allow you to keep a gauge on what is happening in your body. This will make it easier to spot any irregularities and can help you to give full reports to your doctor as they monitor the situation. Try to keep a daily log so you can see what symptoms you are experiencing and how long they are persisting.

Work With Your Doctor To Create A Wellness Plan

Working with your medical team closely can play a significant role in your safety and the safety of your child. You might be working with one doctor to manage COVID-19 symptoms and another to ensure that your pregnancy is going along well. Together, you can make a plan to see your body through a full recovery.

Keep in mind that additional precautions will be necessary during the delivery of your baby during this time. Most women are now limited on guests who can visit during labor due to the virus. All women now must wear masks during most times in labor to ensure the safety of all medical personnel.


The fact is that pregnant women are at an increased risk when it comes to COVID-19. However, plenty of pregnant women have contracted it and made a full recovery for both themselves and their babies. If you suspect that you might have contracted the virus, do not wait to contact the doctor and see what steps you should be taking. Depending on your condition and your personal health, they might recommend increased treatment options to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Outside of that, your job is to stay warm, safe, and allow your body to heal.

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