If you get coronavirus while pregnant

What Happens If I Get COVID and I’m Pregnant?

With the Coronavirus scare sweeping through the world around us, the majority of us are feeling some concern about what it would mean to contract the virus. Pregnant women in particular are worried about what it would mean for them since they also have their baby to look out for. Studies have shown that pregnant women are potentially at an increased risk of contracting the virus and suffering complications, but the reality is that you and your baby can also come through it with no complications. In this article, we will discuss what you can expect if you get COVID-19 while pregnant.

You Can Expect To Spend Time With A Medical Team

Hospitals during COVID-19

Since pregnant women are at an increased risk of developing adverse effects from COVID-19, it comes as no surprise that your medical team will want to ensure your personal safety. If you believe that you have coronavirus, it is important to make a call to your doctor to arrange testing and begin to make a plan. Doctors will work with you to ensure that you and your baby are able to pass through this trying period with no long-term effects. Though there is not a surplus of available data, studies have shown that pregnant women and their babies are pushing through COVID-19 in many cases. 

You May Be At An Increased Risk of Complication

The reason that pregnant women are considered an at-risk group is the fact that their immune systems are generally in a compromised state. When you are pregnant, your body changes in many ways. In a lot of instances, it will redirect resources and alter itself to ensure that your beautiful baby grows in a safe and healthy environment. However, since their immune systems can be a bit different during this time, it is safest to continuously monitor the situation. Some studies have shown that pregnant women are at risk of contracting worse symptoms or adverse side effects when exposed to coronavirus.

Finding out you have COVID-19 during pregnancy

Your Baby Will Likely Be Okay

Though it is certainly scary for a pregnant mother to contract this awful condition, the majority of current research shows that babies do not seem to be at an increased risk. Right now, there is no evidence that it can impact development, and many babies seem to not be infected by it at all. It is natural to worry, but so far the evidence is promising.


No one wants to get COVID-19, least of all a pregnant mother. However, it is important to remember that plenty of mothers are safely coming through coronavirus infection without adverse effects. Regardless, since it is a dangerous virus and can cause complications, it is still incredibly important to avoid contracting the virus at all costs. In the event that you believe that you have contracted coronavirus, it is crucial to get to a doctor immediately. Call in advance to ensure that you are making the right health decisions and can stay safe while you work with your medical team.

Throughout history plenty of women have been pregnant during less than favorable points in time. Fortunately, you, like them, can and will overcome this. The world is changing, but throughout your pregnancy, things were always going to change. All that you have to do is stay informed, stay safe, and do your best to take care of yourself and your new baby.

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