Pregnancy during Coronavirus

What You Should Know About Having A Coronavirus Pregnancy

Many women around the world are pregnant in the middle of a pandemic. As if the idea of a global pandemic is not frightening enough, for pregnant women, it can be an even bigger cause for concern. Coronavirus is changing the way that the world is operating, and with it comes new risks. In this article, we will discuss what you should know while being pregnant during COVID-19 times.

You Might Be At A Higher Risk

Many scientists are hard at work trying to determine exactly how coronavirus is impacting certain groups and who is truly at risk. Currently, pregnant women are being considered one of the groups that might be at higher risk of contracting coronavirus. Growing a baby is incredibly hard work and it can put a certain level of strain on your body. It is important to act with the utmost caution when you are pregnant and navigating public spaces. Make sure to wear a clean protective mask and always sanitize your hands after you have been out. It is also best to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible.

You Will Likely Give Birth Alone

Many hospitals are trying to minimize the chance of coronavirus outbreaks and are changing their rules to accommodate this need. In several different hospitals around the world, family and spouses are not being allowed in the birthing rooms or into the hospital to visit. Though it might seem harsh, the hospitals are aiming to minimize the spread of the virus by keeping the amount of people down to a minimum. It is one of their attempts to make social distancing easier. Since hospitals are at a much higher risk of having people who are positive for COVID-19, it is simply safer to limit who can enter the premises. 

Babies Cannot Safely Be Kept In Emergency Units

Another problem that women are currently facing is the risk of not being able to be with their babies after birth. Unfortunately, not every birth goes as planned. In truth, it is always possible for something to go wrong. Though most of these circumstances can be navigated with medical intervention, they often require new mothers to stay in emergency units during the start of their recovery period. This would not ordinarily be a problem, but given the risks of COVID-19, it can mean that you will be separated from your baby to keep them safe. As soon as you leave the unit, you will be reunited with your child, but many hospitals are working to keep newborns safely away from potentially infected areas.


As a pregnant mother, there are already going to be a thousand different things on your mind. Don’t worry. Even in the face of a pandemic, women everywhere are giving birth to happy and healthy babies. They are returning home safely with their little bundle of joy, and starting their lives with their brand new baby. It is important to be aware of what can happen, but that doesn’t mean that anything is guaranteed. For now, the best thing that you can do is practice social distancing and find ways to relax.

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